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Do you like to write a travel diary? If yes, but handwritten posts aren’t actually accepted nowadays. If you are a travel blogger or have the skill to make readers see the beauty of a place through your words, this is the right platform for you. However, we only accept informative and humorous writings that can keep the reader hooked with content until the end. 

Are you willing to submit a guest post for sharing your traveling experiences with the world? Get started now with us as we are providing a platform to determined writers who can impart information in an interesting and humorous way. You can submit the travel blog to publish the guest post on our site. Millions of people would be reading your blog post, so the content has to be unique and convenient, surely. 

What topics do we accept for guest posts?

The process of writing and approach is different for each writer, especially when talking about travel blogs. We have a different approach as well for writers they need to follow when writing about our travel website. To get an idea of our writing approach, it will be helpful for writers to get an idea through the information provided here. The depth of information and your writing style is actually key to share a hooking blog for the readers.

We suggest you write the traveling experience for destinations such as Canada, united states, Europe and London.  It would be great if you write for the united states travel blog for the cities like California, New England, Massachusetts, USA national parks, Kentucky, Ohio, Florida, NYC, Montana, Indiana, Georgia, the west, the pacific northwest, and Louisiana.

For the cities in Europe, consider writing for Denmark, Spain, the UK, Germany, France, Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, Norway, the Netherlands, and Belgium. Travel blogs on the above-mentioned cities are more likely to get featured as guest posts thanks to the incredible popularity of such places among travelers and people with wanderlust.

Things to follow while writing an article

When you are writing a guest post, it is really important to follow certain guidelines and touch certain points. We are enlisting below regarding the topics and types of posts that we are accepting for our travel website.

  • Weekend getaways in your state- the considerable topic that we find interesting is a list of places that you can visit at a certain spot. Consider listing out the amazing places that readers would consider to see when they visit a certain state.
  • Travel guides for the winter season- it is good for one to mention different activities that one should be trying for the winter season, especially you are visiting cold and snowy locations. Destinations with cold and snow seem magical, and suggesting fun activities in a humorous would surely captivate the interest of the readers.
  • Road trip itineraries- list out the necessary details for the road trip of different states and add a variety of details such as what to do, where to go, where to sleep, and other things that one should during a road trip for making the journey convenient and memorable. People usually miss out on the necessary details when they head on road trips, so it is good to write a travel blog for helping with necessary things during the journey. 
  • Local’s guide- it is best to start with your place only as you can consider sharing where you reside, what are great things about your place, attractions of your local place, where should traveler stay, eat and other tips to make trip budget-friendly as well as cherishing.
  • Walking tours of big cities- get started with walking tours of big cities where you can enlist primary things such as which path to choose for your favorite city for not missing out on anything primarily. The route is great and should be chosen for walking tours. In comparison, writing a necessary travel guide, so it is better to focus on the writing style and exhibit your tour guide skills perfectly that may get your travel blog published on our travel website.
  • Trips for a weekend near major cities- big cities have a different life in a day and night, so it is necessary for one to choose the finest choices for an exhilarating experience. Mention the coolest places to visit for different people such as adults and kids. Mention every little detail that can catch the attention of the readers and can be helpful to them.
  • Food & beverages for travel- the best thing about traveling is surely different foods & beverages. Your travel post must include scrumptious food and beverages to try and where to try. You can consider writing about the cities mentioned above covering all the great foods & beverages of the place. New aspiring writers can go through our travel blogs and posts to learn better writing styles that we approve of.

FAQ Session

Q1. what should be the writing approach of the writer?

The writing approach of the writer when writing our travel post has to be simple and effective. Make sure to mention out factual info only as a reader rely on the info we provide on our website.

Q2. How to submit a guest post on our travel website?

In order to submit a guest post on our travel website, make sure to add a simple and effective title on the email address provided so that editor finds it learn regarding your blog post.

It is good to keep your guest post simple and informative that can easily captivate the interest of the editors first so he/she can consider your travel blog to be published.

Adding related keywords that can help in the ranking of the website surely and send to

Q3. Will I get paid well enough?

Well, the guest post doesn’t help you earn as it is a free platform that uses for sharing your writing skills and traveling experience with the rest of the world. You cannot earn from the guest post, but to earn, you can become an employee of the digital agencies where you would be paid for what you love doing. 

Q4. Am I be able to write as a newbie?

A: yes, of course, you can surely write a travel blog being a newbie. However, you must have a good style of approach for writing and interesting writing skills for catching the interest of the readers.

Our goal

The goal of our travel website is to provide the utmost convenience and assistance to our readers by sharing fun and factual information in a humorous way. We wish to share the best places to visit and incredible things to try over that place so that you can take the most benefit of your money when traveling to cities we mentioned on our travel website. Every city has its own specialty, and we wish to introduce you to all of the incredible places that you can consider to go through when visiting big cities to fulfill your wanderlust.

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