Mount cook is the highest mountain in New Zealand which is a place full of adventure , divinity and amazing magical Vibes. These places are very rare and you should enjoy to the fullest when you are at such places. In life if you ever get a chance to visit this place you shouldn’t miss out any of the things listed below. This blog is for you, if you are planning to feel that vacational mode then just hover the points!

 I am sure that the hidden inner traveler in you will awaken and you would want to try all of them right now.

A Helicopter ride 


Mount Cook heli snowshoeing tour from Glentanner is a 3 hour ride where in you will witness beautiful glaciers , mountains and lake. Hey travel  lovers , you’ve all been dreaming of that , Right? You’ll never get a chance to be all amongst the glaciers , travelling and that essence of peace. Don’t worry about safety because you will be accompanied by experienced professionals and proper equipment for your safety. You need not have any experience of this before and this ride is appropriate for everyone above the age of 8. There are lots of different places to choose from for this helicopter ride.



A lot of people are interested in climbing mountains and reaching at the top of the world. This place is perfect for people who love the spirit of reaching Heights. Mount cook offers you a mountaineering experience that will stay with you throughout the lifetime. To do this activity you need to first do a five-day course and after that , you will be creating your own camps , you will be travelling yourself , and you will be sleeping under the galaxy amongst those beautiful mountains. Along with this course , you will be provided with all the equipment , manuals and the meals that you require for this experience.

Ski Excursion on Tasman Glacier


You’ve always seen in movies people enjoying Skiing,  and you might have always wanted to do that. Mount cook offers you an amazing ski excursion which is a full day excursion. In this package you will be given proper guidance and expert safety. This is an 8 to 10 kilometer vertical drop and you can enjoy the slow pace while grabbing all the essence of the beauty around you. Ski excursions are usually enjoyable with friends around you , and it would be so much fun at such an amazing adventure. The little and adventurous spirit into you will surely love it.

Rock Climbing in Mt. Cook National Park


All the adventurous folks , this place is just for you. Rock climbing is one activity that people who love the spirit of adventure , enjoy a lot. This is also a five day course , where in you will have to stay in tents and that would be your accommodation for a next few days. You will be taught by experts on a one-on-one basis with all the safety measures. At the end of the 5 day journey you will be able to have a good knowledge of climbing and placing anchors properly. You will be reaching the mountain through helicopters and basic fitness is required.

Tasman Glacier Trek in Mt. Cook National Park

New Zealand's Largest Glacier & Mt. Cook National Park | Blog | Zicasso

This is something that you should surely try, if you love that amazing sense of adventure with a little friend circle. Yes of course, this is a little more of physical activity, but the joy of adventure will never make you feel tired. This is a trek which will lead you into the heart of mount cook National park. You will be able to enter deep into the glaciers and the caves. You will be able to venture into the whole of it. This is a full day activity and you will be taken 1400 m  to the glacier plateau by a helicopter along with experts who ensure your proper safety.

Helicopter Flight in the Ben Ohau Mountain Range


Travelling to beautiful places has been a part of a lot of people’s bucket lists. If you’re someone lucky to be here you should surely enjoy the immense pleasure of witnessing the whole place on a 20 minute helicopter flight. This 20 minute flight will show you , all the beauty of this place all at once which will be an imprint on your heart always. This is an all aerial tour , which is suited to scenic flights within an all open cabin which will allow you to capture all the essences to yourself.

Tasman Glacier Ice Climbing Excursion


This experience is going to be worthwhile for all the people who love being in the ice. This little adventure will begin from a helicopter flight to reaching the lowest part of this glacier and then followed by different terrains of the glacier. You will be accompanied by experts who will give you expert supervision and will teach you how to use all the ice tools and your knowledge about different ice terrains will increase. Real soon , you will able to cross all different types of ice , and you will be able to master this technique in just a day. You shouldn’t be missing this out.

Mount Cook 360 Scenic Ski Plane flight


This is a variable 30 to 60 minute flight depending upon the area that you choose according to your taste. This flight takes you over through the glacier that is the Tasman glacier. You will be exploring wonder and amazement on this ski plane flight. This breathtaking experiences make life so beautiful and exploring things never stops. For people who love to enjoy beautiful sceneries and love the touch of air touching you , you could surely give this activity a try.

Click Pictures and Capture it for Life


A lot of times you get lost into the moment and you forget to click pictures of those beautiful moments. Some lifetime experiences should be captured and treasured for yourself. These snapshots and these activities help you feel at the top of the world even when you are just looking at those pictures. There are so many beautiful sceneries and glaciers to capture on your camera. This is just single click and it would be clicking through all your life. These moments come just once in a lifetime , so it’s really good to capture them. Also don’t forget to click the picture of the famous Mount Cook road.

Enjoy your meals Under Astounding Beauty


This is not just part of movies , but it is reality. You can enjoy beautiful meals breakfast , lunch and dinner with the company of astounding beauty around you. That immense feeling of joy is a joy forever.While travelling to such amazing places , you should also enjoy scrumptious cuisines at these terrific views. The joy of having meals in the laps of nature is an extra ordinary experience. Imagine that little cup of coffee amongst all the wilderness and beauty. With this little justice to yourself your journey to this place will be so much more beautiful and relaxing. If you consume non veg food you should try out their homemade meat pies. There’s so scrumptious that you will crave for them always.


Travelling is a part of a lot of people’s life and has been a part in a lot of people’s bucket lists. If you ever get a chance to be a part of such stunning beauty , then capture it forever . You should always give some new things a try. Always have the will to try and explore beauty , adventure and fun in life.

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