The top romantic resorts in Bangalore for couples

romantic resorts in Bangalore

The busy lives we live in the can at times get on our nerves. And holidays are meant to be a sneak out of our mundane life and refresh ourselves from within. Holidays are also meant to give time to the close ones. And if you are looking for some resorts to have a stay over in the vacation with your partner then you have stopped at the right page.

This article will help you with a few exotic resorts in Bangalore which are meant for couples. Stay tuned and do not miss out on any so that you can get your corner filled with romance and excitement.

Windflower prakruthi


It is an amazing nature bound space with coconut trees all around. The rooms are clean and spacious and you have a little balcony to have a glimpse of the amazing mother nature.

This is a perfect base for you and your partner to spend your holiday. The resort has all the natural elements which can excite you from within. Rich and greenery this hotel also caters to all the necessities are that the guest has.

The hospitality of the resort is par excellence. And this is why it is one of the major league recommended resort in Bangalore for couples. The location is accessible and you can also explore the city well if you have a stay in this resort.

Raya resort


River Kapila is a beautiful creation of nature and having sometime near it is all about pure bliss. Ryan resort is located on the banks of river Kapila. If you have Bangalore as your next destination with your partner then you must pick a lush green space where you can vent your heart out. This resort is a romantic place and is a must-visit. There are even fun activities that one can go for like a canoe ride. The long walks across the banks of the river can make you and your partner cozy.

Golden palms hotel and spa


Romance and luxury together is a fantasy in general and if you want to live in the fantasy then here we bring you the perfect resort for you and your partner. Make sure that you reserve with displays to not only just enjoy an amazing swimming pool but at the same time, you can also enjoy the green private scenery from here balcony or your terrace. Make sure that you are not missing out on this self-pampering offer where you and your partner can get rid of all the stress and have some romantic time and good food together.

Embassy international riding school:


If Bangalore is your next destination then you should book a resort that does not cease to entertain you anytime. Bina guest at this place is beyond imagination.

If you and your partner are seeking some adrenaline rush then this is the space that you should not miss out on. Amazing hospitality this place also makes horse riding opportunities available for the guests.

You can also feast on the luscious Italian dishes available in the Italian restaurant located nearby. This resort can give you a memory to cherish for eternity.

Jaladhama resort


If you do not just want romance but you also want a fun quotient in your vacation then you should go for this resort. It is a resort which is located amidst the hills and river waters. The scenery from the balcony of a room of this resort can make you fall for the place.

It is a perfect scene where are you and your partner can be a part of. Some amazing activities that are available here are a Banana boat ride, rain dances, and river cruises. There is also a floating restaurant and you can also do a night bonfire to add that pinch of romance.

Our Native Village


If you are looking out for an elegant space to spend your vacation then you should go for this stunning our native village resort. This place is all about awestruck looks. The rustic texture of the walls of the resort can take care of the side to some other base.

The folk art interior of the room adorned with a spacious balcony is a perfect escape for you from the mundane activities. The Lily ponds the cozy environment and the green pathways can take your heart. The resort also has available and there is an in-house restaurant in the hotel as well.

Goldfinch retreat


If you are not into class 6 and you completely love the modern interior and exterior of places then you should visit this one. This resort is located quite near to the airport and hens you are not out of the city.

With all the necessary amenities available this hotel ensures amazing hospitality to the guests. Each night that you spend in this resort is all about romance and luxury at the same time. The lavish meal in the resort is also praiseworthy. You will find it all dreamy.

Olde Bangalore


Olde Bangalore is one of the major crowd space. This resort has tended bungalows and instills a romantic mood within the guest. This resort is located close to the airport and the place also has a swimming pool. You can spend your evenings or early mornings by the swimming pool having a drink and hand.

It is an amazing couple space that allows affair quotient of peace. You can be away from the loud world and enjoy your sanity with your partner away from the hustle-bustle of the city. The greenery All around The resort is commendable.

Angana- the courtyard


This is a beautiful place which is spread on a huge land and has beautiful lawns and greenery as suggested by the name you will enjoy having a walk on the green courtyards of the resort.

If you are seeking some relaxing time with your partner and want to chill with your fellow couples then you can have a stay over in this resort. The interior of the resort is a temple style classic one. You can experience every bit of luxury here.

You will find well-managed loans and other green areas within the resort where you can have ample fresh air and a romantic environment to spend with your partner. The swimming pool is also the center of attraction of the resort.

Clark’s exotica


If you want a self-pampering session with your partner away from the hustling city then you can go for this resort. You will not be required to reach out to any other place to find a peaceful corner.

It is equally entertaining and blissful to be in this resort. You can have a swimming pool within the resort to enjoy your time with your partner. And you can engage yourself in complete relaxation away from the urban problems. The hospitality of the resort can ensure you a homely feel.

Hence, these are the few major resorts that are strongly recommended for couples who want to have a good time in Bangalore. These resorts have got amazing hospitality and unmatchable decor which can get your romantic environment.

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