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How to Plan a Wonderful Disney World Vacation

If you plan a Disney World trip, you’ll be a bit overwhelmed. It’s easy to understand why there are four parks, two water parks and a huge shopping area. It’s more profound to plan a Disney world holiday than to plan a Disneyland holiday, so we want a guide together to make it easier. Below is everything you need to know about the time you plan your next trip to Disney World, including a few tips for saving money!

Preparation for Disney World Trip

When you plan on a Disney World trip, the first step you want to take is preparing. This may sound stupid, but as Disney World needs more preparation than Disneyland, it seems useful to organise it from the beginning. When I start planning for a Disney World vacation I like to have a few stuff on hand – such as the laptop, folders and a binder.

The notebook helps us to identify any ideas and collect rough draughts about what my holiday looks like. Typical I will have several folders for various holiday areas (flights, hotels, etc.) and a binder for each journey. My husband knew this wasn’t necessary so we went without a binder on one journey. He sees now wisdom after we have had a few heart attacks that we thought we lost papers and finally found them collapsed in our packages. You certainly do not need these components, but I strongly propose that they help you to organise a Disney World trip.

Have a Disney World website account created. Here you can access the My Disney Experience which contains your reservations and links your restaurants and selections from FastPass+. The My Disney Experience app is also to be downloaded on your mobile device. You can use the app to see maps, menus of the restaurants, your plans and many more when you are in the parks. For every Disney World holiday it is a must!

That’s the step I’ve taken to set up the budget. If you weren’t at Disney World before, you might need to look at some of the following steps before you know how much you want to spend. I like to write down everything I would like to spend on my personal holidays in Disney World. I’ll come back and adjust if necessary after determining when to go to see hotel and airfare prices. I have had to increase the budget a number of times, but often, because of airfare sales or hotel deals, I can actually lower it.

When the Disney World trip is ready, the real fun starts!

First We Need to Plan Date

When are you allowed to go to Disney World? Are you willing to leave your workplace or school for a certain number of days? Do you want to skip those activities or festivities? How long can you stay? All these issues should be addressed when choosing your Disney World holiday dates.

When you schedule a trip to Disney World, the first move is to see where you can go. Stuff such as job and education should be taken into account. I’m all for keeping the children out of school, but recognise that this will be problematic if tests, assignments and other activities are delayed. When you know the disponibility right, start to look at what’s going on in Disney World.

There are four amusement parks, two marine parks and a wide shopping centre for Disney World. There’s almost always something going on and so many places to explore in the city. You can potentially see the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival next may, spring training at Atlanta Braves and a few more weekends for half a marathon. Summer typically offers plenty of concerts and festivals in all four parks, including the longest time in the water parks. In autumn you can find the Helloween theme, the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival and Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.

When choosing your dates, it’s another crucial choice to determine how long to visit. Since the Walt Disney World Resort is so big, a 5-day ticket and six-night stay are usually suggested. You will visit each of the parks at least once every five days and have another day to revisit your favourite items. The majority of families stay longer and have an average stay of 7 to 8 nights for seven to 9 days. You could not do anything in the resort even though you did stay at Disney World for the whole month.


Plan hotel for Disney World Trip

Let’s now look at how to schedule your Disney World journey in your hotel section, knowing when you go and how long you ‘re staying. It is not shocking that the Walt Disney World Resort provides a vast range of on-site as well as off-site hotels with so much to see and do. The first choice is whether you want to continue on the spot or off-site, whether you consider the best for your kin.

Hotels on the property are normally more pricey, but offer a lot of discounts as part of the Walt Disney World Resort. As too many are available, more budget-friendly hotel options are available than people are aware. From all parks you can select Standard, Moderate and Deluxe estate. Four of my favourite hotels at Disney World are the “Culture Century,” “Style” fashion, “Port Orleans – Riverside” hotels, the “Strong” resort and the “Animal Kingdom Lodge.” 

Plan tickets for Disney World Trip

You tickets will be the next part of organising a Disney World Tour. When you go, you know where you rest and how long you will be there. You know where. Now you just have to consider how many days and how much time you want to enjoy in the parks.

I still want to stay in the park as many days as I’ve booked at times. While the entire day is most definitely not due to flights, I also want to spend an hour or two in the parks before I go. Or I’ll spend my first night wandering Main Street U.S.A. in the Magic Kingdom, if I get in the evening for my first day. But if you want to save money, it is not a bad thing to spend one less day in your night-based parks. Particularly because you can go shopping, dining and entertaining at Disney Springs on your first or last day. 


Plan Transportation for Disney Wold Trip

Transportation is the next step in preparing your Disney World holiday. You want to check the price of airfare and start comparing cars / shuttles if necessary. I use apps such as Google Flights or the ITA App from Google to help achieve the best deal. Both of these help you to check the dates and compare rates between various airlines, even with certain advanced features included in the ITA app.

Usually, through the week (Tuesday-Thursday) you can see the cheapest rates available at reduced prices at the weekends. When you jet off on the weekend or close to a break, you can almost certainly count on paying more. It is always good to start pricing tickets, though, as quickly as possible. Once you get closer to your current dates, I can not tell you how many deals I’ve seen disappear. It’s around 120 – 180 days in advance, I recommend booking your tickets. Don’t panic if you intend a ride much faster. You can save at least 30 days in advance when you book your airfare tickets. After the 30-day mark has passed, airfare rates begin to increase.

Plan Extras for Disney World Trip

After we’ve arranged our schedules, hotel reservations, travel, and the fun extra at the Walt Disney World Resort. Now is the time to have a look. If you plan to go around Halloween, holidays or activities such as the Epcot Festivals, this section will work. Stuff like Mickey’s Nonsense, Mickey Merry Christmas, Cook presentations, dinner parties, etc. Halloween party, Very Merry Christmas Party. Both these activities include a paying ticket from your seat in the park. Some want to sell, so when they are affordable, you may want to buy them.

Plan Disney World Trip Schedule

When you prepare your Disney World tour, it can be both frustrating and enjoyable to put together a timetable. I still note that they are missing decisions depending on my dining and FastPass+ desire that can be quickly adjusted in order to make it less stressful. It’s going to be okay if you try to eat somewhere else or first visit another park!

My husband and I select our favourite tours and dining areas and then decide our days from this to help them build a plan. We normally have one dinner and one trip every day, and I schedule everything else. Knowing the top two items benefits when making restaurant reservations and options for FastPass.

Plan dining for Disney World Trip

You want to start reserving your reservations after you have chosen your best dining options from your calendar. Reservations for dining can be made up to 180 days ahead and certain sites – like the Be Our Friend, the Royal Table Cinderella and restaurants in Ohana – are booked as soon as it opens. Don’t give up hope if the first option is sold out! I still recommend that you call the Disney Reservations line and that you come again every day if all bookings are cancelled.


Now you ready to go for your wonderful Disney World Trip

You are primed for your Disney World tour-woohoo! You may have some distance between the reservation and the destination, but I think thinking that a reservation to Disney World is on the horizon is better every day. You should also try out the designs in our Disney crafts to delight your family and the time travelling counts. There’s only one more thing to do while you’re at the Walt Disney World Resort.


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