Pizza and Italy Have a Great Connection and a Long History

Pizza and Italy have a great connection and a long history. People do know this that they are the ones who originated this tasty food, but what they don’t know is the consumption of Pizza is not the most in Italy. Yes, isn’t it a strange fact that the one who gave birth to Pizza doesn’t consume it in the highest amounts. People love to variate in Italian food, and hence the toppings keep on changing from place to place. However, you can’t take cheese away from Pizza. It is seen that all the Northeastern countries are a big consumer of Pizza. Even small countries as Norway consume Pizza as one of their main meals.

Here in this article, we will discuss about different countries who consume Pizza on a grand level.

Norway- it might be a very astonishing fact that a country which is small geographically with a mere population of just 5.5 million consumes the highest number of Pizzas in the world. It beats big countries like Italy in this consumption. According to a survey, people here eat 11 pies per year for every individual. You will find Pizza restaurants with some of the unique variations out here, and these are present in nearly on each corner of the place. People over Norway use some special techniques to bake pizzas. The sauce is spicy and tangy, and most of them use this one to enhance the taste. Different dough like frozen and the fresh pan is also used. Grandiosa is a special pizza these people eat in Norway, and it is just a twist to the normal Italian Pizza.


USA pizza

You cannot leave the United States of America out of this list. Though America doesn’t take the first position by beating Norway in this consumption but it stands next to it in the second place. Americans just love to use the best of cheese on the hard crust with their limited spices. This is the place that gave origination to thousands of big Pizza brands throughout the world, and hence they gave the knowledge to the world of how to make instant and easy pizzas. For a fact, every second in the United States, 350 pizza slices are consumed. The USA is the birthplace of fast-food, and these people do like to have fun with quick food. They have transformed Pizza in their own way; hence Americans do love to eat lots of these.

United Kingdom

UK has 66 million people living out there, and the royal country likes to consume Pizza a lot. The UK has been more famous for its original dishes, and they have shown the world how to go with some plain classic food with a good combination of everything to make it even more classic. According to the data, every citizen in the UK eats a pizza in every 10days. So if you calculate it, the data of consumers really becomes a lot high. The English people love this Italian gift, and hence it’s a great part of their diet. You can very easily order a classic pizza in any corner of the country.


Not just for cars and parties, Germany is also famous for Pizzas. The vast country with thousands of cultures and tradition offers many different food items. Pizza is one of the most consumed among these. The country takes the fourth position on the list with Pizza lovers. There are more than 82 million inhabitants, and 6 out of every ten individuals in Germany to eat Pizza every day. The Germans do use some different ingredients, but moreover, you can’t innovate too much with Pizzas; hence it does remain the same.


Can you imagine Italy comes so down the list, on the fifth place. It is one of the most consumed foods in Italy, and you just cannot give a tag of its importance to the place. Italy holds its name high as the originator of Pizzas. There are some specific things which you won’t get throughout the world in Pizza except Italy. They are the ones who taught the world how to make this beautiful piece of bakery. The sauces used in the classic Italian pizzas are just worth trying, and one cannot find a better taste than tasting the traditional Pizza.  The combination of the toppings Italia use is great and unique from the others in the world. Every bit of taste that Italy provides with Pizza is worth experiencing.


One of the biggest superpowers in the world, also gets its name taken in the list of one of the best consumers of Pizzas in the world. Russia was the country where the famous pizza brand “Pizza Hut” got originated. This place is just excellent to taste some elegant pizza. Even many other big brands got its origination from the Russians. They brought some variations in the traditional Italian crust and made it hard and crunchier. There are many such qualities that Russia gets into Pizza.


Though this country comes a lot late in the list, but still there are some crazy pizza lovers over here. The historical place just in the middle of Asia and Europe is famous for many other things as coffee, kebabs, and also Pizza. The Turkish people get things done in their own way, and they use their own ways to create pizzas. Some of the craziest toppings in pizzas like meatballs, onions, and many more of such things which no one ever wondered. They like to enjoy Pizza in the evening, and you can see hundreds of youngsters on the streets, enjoying Pizza every day.


china pizza

the biggest population in the world never gets out of any list. They like to go in style with all the other things and so why they will leave it Pizza. They have got their own magic over the cheesy twist. The Chinese guys are great with Pizza, and they like a slight twist in the traditional Pizza. They normally have a habit of eating boiled food, but Pizza is also a great option for people out there in China.


The Japanese version of Pizza is called Okonomiyaki. These people are not the pro eaters, but Japan is one of the leading markets with street food. This fact also promotes the culture of Pizza over the country. A strange act about Japan and Pizza is the reason they eat Pizza. People do order pizza when there is a big occasion. They treat it like a celebration food hence considered as a posh food. The youngsters are very attracted to Pizza, and it is said that on an average a Japanese do consume a pizza every week. This point gives Japan the place on our list.


This country is a great one with burgers. These people do like to eat light and believe in more advanced foods. The Australian also is very fond of fast food and hence finding a place to eat and try such a thing there is not very hard. Australia is also a place where people do love to eat natural, and this comes in Pizza too. They are among those people in the world that put the maximum veggies on Pizza. If you like to go a little with fitness, Australia can serve you with some rich Pizzas with delicious and healthy toppings.


france Pizza

This place gives a huge market to Pizza, and France is in the third place with a European country consuming the maximum number of Pizzas. They come very down on the list with Pizza, but there are things which they are perfect with. Cheese is one of the best-consumed foods in France, and as one knows this that cheese is the best partner for Pizzas, Frame gets an edge in Pizza. France consumes the freshest pizzas with the freshest cheese.


Pizzas are consumed in lots of more countries. Even India is one of the countries who love Pizza, but when it comes to making it one among the most consumed, people have to make it a part of their daily lifestyle. All the countries listed above have taken Pizza to a different level according to their styles. They have made their special changes to the traditional Pizza and developed it according to what they liked. All of them use the toppings the local people love to eat. Basically, Pizza is a dish made out of some excellent technique and baking, and all these countries do love to keep improving these techniques.

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