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It is considered to be stunning scenery, fascinating history, and a vibrant pop culture in Japan. No wonder his food is equally diverse, also known as Washoku. There is still something different about Japanese cuisine to learn from classics like sushi and ramen to distant regional dishes. The top 15 Japanese food bloggers have been named. We are sure that you can leave each one of them to spit on and crave for Japanese food to be blogging on a hot, trendy restaurant that just opened or made delicious Japanese dishes at home!

Top 15 Japanese Food Bloggers 

  1. Eating out in Tokyo with Dominic

Food enjoys Dominic. He wants to eat out, Dominic. He’s just talking about all the restaurants he was in Tokyo on his blog and then ranking them on a 1 to 5-star scale. A concise overview of the location and photos of the dishes he served can be found. You are rescued by the picture alone. Then if you are looking for and don’t care of a decent (or even very good) restaurant, head over to the blog of Dominic for suggestions.

  1. Japanese Mom’s Home Cooking

Yasuko-san explains how to prepare good old fried Japanese dishes from Toyama’s prefecture, where water is pure and the ingredients fresh. Recipes of many local dishes, including snacks filled with rice or sautéed aubergine and green pepper with miso, are available based on fresh local ingredients such as seafood found in Toyama. This blog is about the lovely home-cooking of the country, a glimpse of authentic Japan.

  1. Japan Food Addict

Mai founded Japan Food Addict from Kyoto, which is an essential food blog. Any of the most popular recipes in Japan are available on the site. No matter whether it is a New Year’s Osechi box with many layers or a Macaroni gratin in a western format, Mai’s recipes are simple to use. Many meals only require 20 minutes or less for someone who doesn’t want to have half a day in their kitchen to cook.

  1. Just Hungry & Just Bento

Just Hungry is a foodstuff blog created by Makiko Itoh and is published in the Los Angeles Times, the Guardian, Food and Wine, and various occasions. Makiko built Only Hungry for her diet obsessions. As a place of learning. She has always missed the cuisine she grew up eating – Japanese cooking since she lived in several different countries. By making the recipes that anyone can prepare regardless of where they live, she decided to share these experiences in this blog. Those not residing in Japan may not always have access to a large variety of Japanese ingredients. So Only Hungry was born of someone willing to learn Japanese cooking outside Japan.

  1. Little Miss Bento

Since 2011 this award-winning bento artist has begun her journey. As a massive fan of Japanese cuisine, she studied and improved her craft as a Japan Sushi Teachers Association and became the first qualified Singaporean instructor with a bento specialist. Her food is colorful and too good to taste. Don’t skip this bento artist who turns both meal and cuteness into a bento overload.

  1. Create, Eat, Happy

Miss Ochikeron has created a blog to inspire all to try out new recipes. Happy to eat. Her recipes are quick to follow, and she can even view and learn on the How-To youtube page. We hope everyone would appeal to her dishes, not to mention they look tasty!

  1. Cooking with Dog

Cooking with the dog is exactly what stands out from this strange, charming pairing of Francis, the dog, and chef. It isn’t surprising to see why cooking with the dog is so popular with homegrown Japanese food that everybody can follow. Francis on Youtube has been making recital videos for over ten years as his feature Cooking with Puppy! Both the recipes with photos and training videos can be found on their blog. Dog food is no hassle, more of the organic Japanese handmade food.

  1. Jun’s Kitchen

The professional Chef Jun does not claim to be. But after looking at his recipes and staring at him doing his craft in the kitchen, you will be persuaded that you should not. In the watchful eyes of his precious pets, Jun makes Japanese cuisine from a fine restaurant. His outstanding knife skills and respect for detail lift his recites to a new standard. This is not the Japanese conventional food page.

  1. Chopstick Chronicles

Enter Shihoko and Elizabeth, a duo blog mother and daughter and Chopstick Chronicles project artistic unit. Shihoko compares dishes she loved with new recipes she found during her development in Japan. Her beautifully crafted blog has nutritious recipes that anyone can cook except for people who don’t live in Japan. Beautifully shot food photos and straightforward directions make this blog a fun reading experience.

  1. Just One Cookbook

As her name suggests, the character wants to make only a cookbook full of all her favorite recipes of relatives, with her mother’s love for cooking to give them to her children one day. Luckily for us, her recipes on her lovely blog and Youtube channel count on this treasure chest of over 600. Her simple step-by-step directions, fun pictures, and videos can allow everyone quickly to replicate her tasty recipes. Nami’s way of teaching motivation and enthusiasm to start cooking Japanese food is how to stock your bakery to make your plum wine!

  1. Kyoto Foodie

Cuisine from the ancient city of Kyoto honors the Kyoto Foodie. The finest restaurants are in Kyoto, where the tastiest delicacies are included. Learn about Kyoto cuisine, which you may not have learned or experienced in the cooking portion of traditional Kyoto dishes. If you’re involved in Kyoto regional Japanese cuisine, go to Kyoto Foodie!

  1. Humble Bean

With mother and grandma, Azusa is like building, warmth, and culture in Japanese cuisine. To provide inspiration and techniques for cooking Japanese rice, Azusa created Humble Bean. The product Recipes for any home cook can be found on the web without being too challenging. You should follow the directions quickly and clean the pictures without any hassle. Easy recipes, not just the usual sushi and ramen but Japanese pastries, French Japanese pastries, and Japanese. This website encourages you to prepare classic food while discovering modern flavors and concepts.

  1. Still Clumsy with Chopsticks

A Japanese aunty food blog that resides in Muroto, Japan’s countryside. Her blog explores how food is connected to her life, and you can learn about nutrition and ingredients not available anywhere else in Japan. This blog presents you with a description of the enjoyment of rural food and a selection of recipes.

  1. Shizuoka Gourmet

This food blogger from Shizuoka Prefecture blogs on everything relevant to fruit. From food ratings to seaweed and beer variations. In Shizuoka prefecture, it’s all about rice, Japanese or non-Japanese. Recettes and fascinating stuff about life in Shizuoka is also available.

  1. Lovely Lanvin

Shirley makes Lovely Lanvin, a stunning restaurant in Seattle and Tokyo. Shirley is a Paris-born, Tokyo-based American who lives in Tokyo, Seattle, and Washington for her time now. She is a Japanese culinary teacher in Tokyo and the USA, and she teaches private cooking lessons. A lot of modern Japanese home cooking recipes, restaurants, and shopping tips are available.


Conclusion :

Japanese cuisine includes Japanese regional and traditional food that has evolved over hundreds of years of political, economic, and social change.

The traditional Japanese cuisine, washoku, is filled with light. “Japanese food,” based on rice, is based on episodic soup and other dishes; seasonal ingredients are emphasized. Side dishes are usually made of poached fish and spice and broth-cooked vegetables. Seafood is common, often grilled, but raw as sashimi or sushi also. Seafood and greens, like tempura, are also fried deep in a light batter. In addition to rice, noodles such as soba and udon are also included.

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