Game of Thrones: Maps of Westeros and seven kingdoms

Game of Thrones is a wonderful world which is having beautiful maps and territories in which people fight against each other to gain all the territories under control. All the territories and kingdoms are shown on the map whose main goal and Motive is to get control over the others. It is their entirety which encourages them to gain control over another to rule over the world. Here we are having information about all the houses of Westeros In the world of game of thrones which primarily focuses on control over the world.

Westeros and the rest of known world

•Here we are having all the houses of Westeros Which are shown in the map With beautiful titles having powers with a variety of tools and arms. The channel of the houses starts from the Stark, Lannister, Tyrell, Martel, Baratheon, Greyjoy etc. which means that it has a very wide area network of a contest of all under the Westeros. In the world game of thrones, the story is divided into four major areas which are further divided into seven Main kingdoms Fight against each other To gain the territory of others. In this way, the whole game is taking several moods and situations where all the people of their Territory plans and make strategies to win over the other.

•This world of game of thrones has shown so many sides to its fan followers Who are genuinely interested in the concept of the game. This world map has been published by the HBO which means that it has been into so much of research And development To collect all the geographical information of important landmasses which can be put into a map so that people can easily relate the story of the world of game of thrones.

The seven kingdoms

The Westeros Or known as the seven kingdoms because before landing on the shores to conquer this land, it was divided into seven dynasties which were ruled by Seven different rulers over the map. As the main control was over there land shown on the map but it was far between these seven rulers to gain control over each other.

•If you see in the last of the map, he will be able to see the kingdom of drone which was very near to the shore and this is why it was very easy to conquer The kingdom. It was proudly ruled by the House of Martell in their earlier times and this is why it was made easy to understand the concept and proceedings of the Dynasty. You can also see that it is been separated by the red Hills from the rest of the Westeros which makes it the most fertile region of the map. It makes it the most powerful territory in terms of their crop production and distribution service. It also helps them to gain a lot of amount of wealth and assets creation.

•If you see in the upper side of the drone, then you will be able to see the storm land area which is Having a rocky surface of the mountain land and it is also containing so much dense forest in it. If you go more above it, then you’ll be able to see the water surface which is known as the Crownlands. It is also known as the seat of iron Throne which is very popular in this map. It is the water surface of the map, in which the capital city of WESTEROS resides. Hence, the people of this territory must make protection and directions in such a way that they would get a safe and sound life.

•If you go in the west side of the mat, then you’ll be able to find the western-land Which is widely surrounded by The mountain regions and a lot of gold and silver mines in it. Which means that it has plenty of wealth and assets which makes the people of this territory more powerful. This is the most responsible reason for making the people of this house rich. The centre of this area is known as River land which is having Numbers of hills and rivers in it. The combination of such places makes it the most beautiful territory in this map.

•The island has its roots in the West is known as the Iron island because it is at the western part of the territory which is facing so much destructive and strong see waves which are responsible for the destruction of use property of the Pyke Castle of the kingdom. As it is very hard for this kingdom to survive throughout the year because it is already struggling through many difficulties in a crisis of strong and destructive waves. Hence the people of this Dynasty are not very much happy because of their topographic and natural Calamities which makes their Life more harsh and hard.

•In the right of this island, we have a massive mountainous Valley which is known as the vale. It is having huge sized mountains and deep valleys which makes it hard to Conquer Over the fields. It is also regulating so much power and enthusiasm over its dynasty because of having such strong and dominant topography. It has gained a very good geographical information to rule over the world to make it the highest point of the map. Apart from this, the people of this kingdom are also trained to survive through the high and deep topography of the region.

•Now the one outer continent is remaining in this list which is named as Essos having a very high temperature that is why it is considered as the hottest reason for this map. You cannot travel to this region barefoot because it is having a very hard and warmer surface which makes it hard to travel through this region. Also, it is having so much of free city-states which are responsible for their coordination and understandings of having trade end distribution. In this way, all the seven kingdoms are divided with their respective strength and topographic information which guides them to plan accordingly so that their strategy can help them to win and rule over the world.


The world of game of thrones has been divided in such a way every part Of its kingdom having its story provided with different geographical information. In this way, every part creates a different story which gives a massive push four other kingdoms to rule over the world. Also, People appeared to be more enthusiastic and encouraging to Rule over the different kingdoms to have all kind of weather and climate.

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