Best Street Food Markets In Bangkok

Have you ever imagined a foodie’s paradise? Then Bangkok must be your dream destination. Being the capital of Thailand, Bangkok has something or the other for everyone’s taste.

Food is one of the most significant aspects that add a unique touch to the market experience of Bangkok. Tasting the street food of Bangkok is one hell of an experience that will be etched in your travel memories for a long time. The street markets let you explore some of the most delicious dishes in Thailand at a reasonable rate.

So, read on to know about the best street food markets in Bangkok for satiating your taste buds.

Sukhumvit Soi 38

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Surrounding the areas of Soi Thonglor, the night market of Sukhumvit Soi 38 has an amazing vibe that you should not miss during your trip to Bangkok. People visit this market to eat mouth-watering yet inexpensive seafood. The popular local mango sticky rice and large tiger prawns are some of the great dishes sold in this night market. The market is ideally designed so that foreign travellers do not have issues while placing an order. After opening at 6 pm, the market remains open all through the evening. If you want to have a nice and affordable dinner with your friends and family, then Sukhumvit Soi 38 should be your top priority.

Lumpini Park

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The food market at Lumbini Park attracts both residents and travellers for its lip-smacking dishes. Except for Sundays and Mondays, the market opens every day at 4 pm. Here, you will get the chance to eat various types of authentic Thai dishes such as Hot Pots and Pad Thai. The weekend fresh market at Lumbini Park is quite a place to visit where you will find juices, snacks, and fresh seafood.

Khao San Road

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The bustling road of Khao sun is covered with pubs, food stalls, and restaurants. From a peaceful area with usual vendors in the morning to a vibrant spot for booze and food at night, the road goes through a gradual transformation every day. During the street food market in the evening, you will get to taste dumplings, chicken, and beef sticks. You are welcome in the bars and restaurants if you want to have dinner and dance all night. Besides spicy food items, you can also try out some yummy desserts like fruits shake and banana pancakes on the streets of Khao San.

Soi Rambuttri

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Soi Rambuttri is one of the less crowded places in the Khao San road where the market is situated. The atmosphere remains peaceful even in the evening. The market is famous for foods like spring rolls, tasting pad thai and many others. The street bars are one of the biggest attractions of this place, where you can enjoy a quality drink and tasty foods with loud music. The food and drinks are available at a low price and this place is definitely worth your time.

Liab Duan

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Liab Duan is a night market located in the northern part of Bangkok. Liab and is a place where you can find almost every kind of foods. Some of the stalls also offer barbeque. Not only Thai food you can also find foods from various parts of the world. The snacks available in the market are irresistible. Besides that, you will also get varieties of kinds of seafood and sweet dishes in the night market of Liab Duan.

Bang Rak

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Bang Rak market is located near the BTS station. It is a part of a street food tour that you can take and you can enjoy tasty street foods for three long hours. To treat yourself you can try dumplings, egg curry, fried roti and many others. Along with all these, the place also holds some of the best crab cakes in Bangkok. Fruits and vegetables are also available in the Bang Rak market. A nice cup of Thai tea can refresh your mood on the go. One should go early in the morning as the shops close early for lunch.


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If you are a food lover then your quest for good food is incomplete if you do not visit Bangkok’s Chinatown. Long alleys of the market hold many secrets. Many Chinese men and women sell various products like – tea leaves, dry foods, mushrooms and. During the daytime you will not find the street food vendors, they start selling their food in the evening. All the products are available at an affordable price. You can taste Kuay Jab, barbecued prawns for the main course and desserts there are red beans and ginger sauce for you to taste. Along with all these, the smell of roasted duck and chicken will bring water to your mouth.

Khlong Toei

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Situated in the seaport area, Khlong Toei is a crowded and enormous street food market in Bangkok. The primary attraction of this market is its good-quality products at affordable prices. The market is mostly visited by locals, cooks, and chefs who come here to purchase raw meat, fruits, vegetables, seafood, and more. Though fresh products are particularly popular in this market, you will also find tasty dumplings, Thai sweets, grilled meat, and other food items. You can spend an entire morning exploring this enormous market.

Wang Lang Market

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The Wang Lang market is situated across the Chao Phraya river. You can take a ride of a boat in the river to reach the market. In the long alleys, you will find various restaurants that offer delicious street foods. The shops are located not far from each other and the smells of different foods mixed and the aroma are enough to make you crave for those foods. The foods available here are full of colours to please your eyes. The vendors sell colourful crepes and you can also take samples of the food and if you like it then you can order the food. After a long walk, if you feel tired, you can get yourself a Thai iced tea or coffee.

Taling Chan Floating Market

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There are many floating markets in Bangkok, Taling Chan market is one of them. You can have a great lunch or breakfast. You can have your meal in a patio. Vendors and shop owners in the market sell various fruits, juices and desserts to please your sweet tooth. Along with that full meals are also sold by the shops. The boats in the river cook and sell the foods o the people in the market. The variety and quality offered by this floating market are unmatched. Unlike the other floating markets, it only serves the local market. You can also shop while eating some delicious foods.

Wrapping Up

Bangkok has a lot to offer in terms of street foods as the city has a very rich food culture. Each place mentioned in the list has a unique quality that makes it different from others. Try various types of Thai cuisines and other various meals and satisfy your stomach.

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