Best Affordable cities in Canada (living & travel)


If you are looking for some of the best Affordable cities in Canada to live in, then here is the article you were looking for.

The basics are obvious out there in Canada as you never have too many people living over the place, so the expenses become limited. Most of the cities are well maintained out there.

Some places are very much expensive, and you will need to invest a lot if you need to be there. Finding a place where you can live easily and even can have cheap and affordable transport services can need some research.

best Affordable cities in Canada

Longueuil, Quebec


It is just located at the banks of the river Saint Lawrence, located in the city of Longueuil. It has a massive influence of Montreal, and hence the culture of the Canadian city is very much similar. Most of the people inhabiting the city work in Montreal, and therefore it is more of a prime town if you want a cheap connection to Montreal. Average real estate over the place can be very inexpensive and can start at a fantastic rate of $300,000. Longueuil also hosts many big Aerospace industries which can provide comfortable, private job opportunities.

Weyburn, Saskatchewan


The place is located just 70 kilometers from the border of the United States. The population is very much limited in the city, and all you have is 11,000 people over the place. It is just amazing and reasonable to be in the city so you can always have fun with less money out there. The average cost for food and other commodities is significantly less, and the average real estate in the city is $301,846. The town is very historical and hosts some of the most historic buildings in Canada.

Brockville, Ontario

Here comes the city, which is placed in the thousand Island region of Canada. The place is famous for its some beautiful places, and it is a fantastic place to be when you talk of Canada’s natural gifts. A considerable part of the city is employed in tourism. By tourism we mean, all the basics and local beauty of Ontario. The city has a population of 22,000 people; hence you get a brilliant employment opportunity over the place. Average real estate can cost $294,524, and having a complete meal can cost just $10-45 on an average daily.

Sarnia, Ontario

Want to be in the city where the St. Clair River meets Lake Huron? If yes, then Sarnia welcomes you to its fantastic wonder. The town is located just at the United States border, so here is the best wonder to have if you want to experience a blend of Canada with the United States. On the contrary, the city is very huge, and the population here is more than 70,000. The city hosted the place where the petrochemical and oil industry originated for the first time in Canada. The average price of real estate is $277,038.

Val-d’Or, Quebec


Are you interested in the Geoscience and mining industry? Val-d’Or, Quebec is the place to be in Canada for a comfortable traveling option and low expense. People out there are mostly French-speaking, and hence you can have a lot of ease out there in Canada with different cultures. The average population is just 32,000 people, so you can have a relaxed atmosphere with a limited number of people. The primary economy is based on Gold mining and lithium extraction, so there is a vast employment scope.

Wetaskiwin, Alberta

Just 70 kilometers from Edmonton is the place Wetaskiwin. The city is home to more than 12,000 people. The town is heavily connected and dependent on railways, so you can have traveling convenience out there in Canada. The city has one of the most convenient ways of traveling and all of these ways are very cheap. The real estate over the place is very cheap, and you can live in the city comfortably, just at a rate of $257,962. The economy is very much dependent on agriculture. On the other hand, oil and tourism play important roles in providing job opportunities to people.

Drummondville, Quebec

Most of the population of Drummondville, Quebec, loves to speak French, and hence you can have a blend of cultures over the place. The place was originally founded long back. It has a deep history with World War and the British soldiers in the year 1812 founded the small city. The city is very much limited to the ancient lifestyle. Even all the environment and coverage of this place is basically green and full of trees and shrubs. More than 68,000 people live in the city, and the average real estate costs $250,140.

Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec

The amazing city of Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec, is located at the banks of Osisko Lake. It is home to more than 40,000 Canadians; hence the city is huge in its number of people. People love to speak French, and you can have many people out there with French influence. The city is basically named the National Copper Capital, as basically, the employment revolves around the copper. The basic cost of real estate is $240,191, so you can have an easy life over the place. Traveling is very much easy in the city.

Rimouski, Quebec-


This is a place in Canada very much famous and revolves around Engineering. You can have rich culture over the place, and there is a huge dependence on marine research. There is a huge laboratory named St. Lawrence Global Observatory, which is a center of attraction over the place. The small city is very famous for its jobs for women, especially in the field of science and technology. Real estate can cost just in the range of $227,673. It is a very vivid city in Quebec with minimal cost of living.

Cornwall, Ontario


This city is just located in the center of Ontario. The city has more than 47,000 people living there, so the population is huge over the place. The city has several call centers over the place and hence finding employment over this place is easy. It is very easy to live out here with an average earring and expense. Even transportation is well connected as it is located in the heart of Ontario.


All the places listed above in the list can provide you with the best living options in Canada. Even traveling is easy over these spots, so you can choose to live happily in any of these spots in Canada.

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